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Tacos Bar is the premium concept of Los Tacos Azules, our attempt to take tacos to a higher level, on par with the best of Japanese specialized restaurants: sushi, tempura, yakitori, etc. Using top quality fish and seafood shipped to us directly from some of Japan's most highly regarded suppliers, we combine the language of Mexican cuisine with modern and traditional culinary techniques to create our own unique take on tacos , apt within the context of the land of fish.

We serve Tacos in a Japanese inspired Omakase style;  the contents of the meal change daily reflecting the changing of the seasons, as well as the best ingredients our Chef was able to source. To accompany your meal, we offer  a carefully curated selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including our favorite sake, wines, tequila and mezcal. 

タコスバー 料理長 マルコ

Marco Garcia 

The self-taught chef behind Los Tacos Azules. Born in Monterrey, Mexico. Marco has spent many years mastering the art of Mexican and Japanese cuisines, passionately pursuing his dream to create a new style tacos by combining traditional Mexican flavors with the unique ingredients of Japan.   After establishing the brunch restaurant "Los Tacos Azules" in  Sangenjaya 2018, Marco and his team set a new standard for good quality tacos in Japan, breaking preconceptions in a country where few took tacos and Mexican food seriously.

After gaining a place in the hearts of both local and international foodies alike, in 2022, Marco decided to embark on a new journey by opening a brand new project: TACOS BAR. 

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