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6 pm  - 11pm

4 people

max GROUP size

reservations only

Tokyo Ebisu Tacos Los Tacos Asures Taco Bar Fish Tacos Tacos Omakase Course Mexican Restaurant

Taco Restaurant Tortilla Tokyo Ebisu Tacos Mexican Food Los Tacos Azules Tacos Bar Omakase 




Please use TableCheck for reservations.     For other inquiries, please contact using the email address or phone number below.


At TACOS BAR  we are looking for new partners to join our team and create the new chapter of tacos in Japan together.  Click here for details… (only accepting applications from Japan residents )

TACOS BAR is a night time only restaurant. For lunch or breakfast please check out Los Tacos Azules , our sister restaurant in Sangenjaya. You can also enjoy the same menu as Los Tacos Azules at TACOS BAR during the weekends.  

Tacos Bar is a unique take on a Tacos restaurant, located in Ebisu, Tokyo. We specialize in fish tacos and offer it in a sushi-inspired Omakase style . We strive to provide a unique and flavorful experience that will have you coming back for more Our menu is designed to reflect the culture and cuisine of Mexico, within the context of Japan and its unique ingredients. We are passionate about providing top-notch quality and we pride ourselves on our warm hospitality. Come and enjoy an unforgettable dining experience at Los Tacos Azules!

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